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Sponsor a Bride 

Are you along lost bride that never got her dream wedding, or do you know one? Whether life has just happened and you've been putting it off, or you have just been dreading the whole wedding planning process...


Couple of Rules:

Rule One:

You can enter yourself, or nominate a couple!

You can enter the drawing yourself, or you can nominate a couple that you feel deserves to win! If you nominate a couple, they MUST want to participate + actually get married. Some couples don't WANT to get married, and that't totally fine - this is specific to couples who WANT to get married.

Rule Three

Can't be planning a wedding already

This drawing is specifically for couples who aren't already actively planning a wedding. This is a gesture of love. If you are actively planning a wedding and need help, my door is open and I'm booking weddings at budget friendly rates. This is purely for couples who haven't planned their wedding and probably won't, but if they win, they will gladly get married.

Rule Two


I totally understand wanting your wedding to go as envisioned, but this is an act of LOVE, not a paid for service. This is a way for community to come together and gift the honor of matrimony for a couple.

Rule Four

Florida Wedding

Services are limited to Florida. The couple can live anywhere, but the wedding will take place in Florida.

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