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7 Common things to forget on your big day

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

There is so much excitement (and stress) leading up to one of the most biggest days of your life, so it's totally normal to forget (or not even consider) some of these details. Here is a couple of tips and reminders to help your day run a little smoother!

  1. Bring hair tools!

I can't tell you how many times a bride or bridesmaid needed some primping after bawling her eyes out at the reception - only to look in the mirror and see their curls have loaded the hot-mess-express. Not a cute look. Whether your hair and makeup artist are meeting you at the venue, or you coming to you in a hotel suite - try to remember a curler if the Bride or bridesmaids have curled hair. Most times the artists don't stick around and while your hair and makeup looked great when they left, its hard to curl hair without any tools.

2. Transportation.

I'm not talking about the party bus to the after party - that one is booked WAY in advance. I'm talking about getting to the venue the day of. No one wants to drive there and have their car stuck at the venue, or even worse, risk it all and drive after a couple drinks. Make sure you have a clear path of transportation to and from the venue for yourself, your new hunny, and the bridal party.

3. Cake Cutting Set

Now this doesn't have to be anything fancy, but making sure you have a set of cutlery for when it's time to bust into the cake. Running back to the kitchen to find a long enough knife that hasn't been cutting the chicken to the main course all night, not an easy task. Whether you are incorperating it into your wedding design, or you're using the plastic one from publix - make sure you have something!

4. Invitation suite for your photographer!

I recommend putting your photographer + videographer on your wedding guest invitation list. This saves the hassle of trying to rememeber it on the day of. Plus your photographer will have a good idea of the color scheme and may have a few hues of their own to play with.

5. Vendor meals.

This one could be a little iffy to some, but i totally recommend offering them a plate of food. Odds are they will be showing up early and leaving late - working right through dinner. They are people and its kind to include them in your guest count to the caterer. I will note - most vendors will eat quickly and while you're eating. Some Brides decide to do a vendor table, other decide to save on the tablescapes and offer plastic plates for quick access.

6. Getting ready in a robe.

When you're styling the girls to get those super cute "getting ready" picture - try to remember that after you get all your hair and makeup done, you will be changing. Getting ready in button down shirts or robes works best for keeping the glam intact and smudge proof.

7. Thanking your guests!

With all the speeches and the tears, there's lots of love spreading around. Make sure to take a moment (while everyone is still there) and thank your guests for coming. It's an intimate moment they are spending with you and a small thank you and appreciation really makes it that much sweeter.

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