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Let's Talk Wedding Flowers - Real vs. Faux

Flowers are one of my favorite parts of any wedding. They are so beautiful and truly tie everything together. However, they can be a little pricey when you start to add it all up. Here is a list of things to think about and consider for your big day.

Real vs Fake

Real flowers have their ups and downs. On the up side - they are beautiful and add that real and authentic look, and are very classy. The smell and aroma they have is magical. It's agreeable that they are usually the most desired when the budget is fit for it. On the flip side, they can be a major pain in the ass. The flowers you want may not be in season when your wedding is planned. They have to be kept cold and in water making the transportation of them tricky if your florist doesn't offer delivery. They usually aren't "reusable" due to the nature of the flowers. They don't last long after picked.

***Sidenote: One way to get more out of your real flowers, is to donate them to a local cemetery.***

Fake Flowers have their ups and downs as well, with a little more ups than downs. Fake flowers have become a popular trend as often times they don't even look fake at all. The different methods have made this cost effective while still giving a beautiful look and feel. Fake flowers make the day of run a little smoother as these are able to be prepared beforehand. The best part about fake flowers, they are reusable or able to be stored for another time. You are able to plan ahead and also reap some of your money back out of them.

***Sidenote: Purchasing your fake flowers when they are coming out of season is the cheapest way to get the flowers you want, without paying full price. ***

Another thing to consider is blending + repurposing.

Blending - If you are stuck on really wanting to have a big beautiful bouquet on your wedding, have it. There is nothing wrong with doing a blend! In fact, blending real and faux flowers may give you just the look you want and keep your guest guessing if they are real or fake! You if you really love the "fuller" look

Repurposing - Another way to help with cost is repurposing them. One way you can do this, reusing your bridesmaids bouquets. After the ceremony, these usually get tossed to the side. Instead, use them for center pieces or place them in a fun box at the foot of your sweetheart table. The same applies for flowers + decorations used in your ceremony site. If your ceremony and rehearsal are in two different areas, no need to buy double the decorations, you can just repurpose them. This is a major money saver.

***Sidenote: If you buy decorations and faux flowers early enough, these would be great to use at your bridal shower. This will not only save money, but keep the consistency in your overall wedding theme. ***

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